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these are all the covers of the issues of AQUA in which GnK has been serialized. i've marked the issues with missing chapters. unfortunately i don't have particularly large images for some of them, but they're good enough to discern which covers they are (and that they indeed contain a chapter of GnK). i have the text in japanese, so i can start searching auction sites, and i am gonna post the covers in question in various LJ comms and on aarinfantasy to see whether we might not find somebody who has them and would scan the chapters for us.

chapter 1 chapter 2
chapter 1 in 2005/4
chapter 2 in 2005/6
chapter 3 chapter 4
chapter 3 in 2005/8
chapter 4 in 2005/10
chapter 5 chapter 6
chapter 5 in 2005/12
chapter 6 in 2006/2
chapter 7 chapter 8
chapter 7 in 2006/4 chapter 8 in 2006/6
chapter 9 chapter 10
chapter 9 in 2006/8
chapter 10 in 2006/10
chapter 11 chapter 12
chapter 11 in 2006/12
chapter 12 in 2007/2
chapter 13
chapter 13 in 2007/4

also, whyever is there no tankoubon? heck, there is enough material for a second one. i don't understand. minase is certainly popular enough i thought, which seems to be born out by GnK getting 5 of the 13 covers; that seems like a lot. but there is so much about manga publishing i don't understand.

[ETA: chapter 7 has been found! yay! *kisses the ground [livejournal.com profile] inga_b walks on*.]

on 2007-04-02 04:00 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] thesilentsenshi.livejournal.com
Oooh! Shiny! :D *adds to mems*

Since we do know the issues, I really think we should spread the word on forums or communities that we're looking for it. Or wait until we finish chapter 3 and then ask? I dunno. Finding chapter 7 makes me want to try harder to find the rest. You never know, we may get lucky. ^_^;

I don't get why there's no tankouban either. I know I'd buy it, and I don't usually buy manga until it gets released in english. :/

gokujou no koibito missing chapters

on 2007-04-02 04:41 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
i see i should read all my email notifications before replying to the early ones, *snrk*.

yeah, no reason to wait -- i just didn't want to blindly ask around before i had identified the missing issues for certain because i hate people who make others do their homework. :) pick whichever comms you think are good and post away if you have time. or tell me which ones you think are good, and i'll crosspost.

i'll post on aarinfantasy tomorrow, which has such a wide readership that i think it's our best bet. i'm gonna read the rules for [livejournal.com profile] free_manga then as well to see whether a post there might be ok. occasionally scans of entire magazines show up somewhere; we might get lucky. or somebody who bought the magazine for another purpose might recognize the cover and be willing to do a scan for us.

if you post about it make sure people know that if they scan it for us it needs to be a good enough scan to read the kanji clearly -- blurry digicam pictures won't do. i am not sure the translator will be able to read all of chapter 4, for example; there are kanji i can't make out clearly enough. especially not the page that has a slip in the scan, though i've been able to restore most of the kana at least.

i think i might ask for chapters 3 and 4 rescanned as well, though at a lower priority.

Re: gokujou no koibito missing chapters

on 2007-04-02 04:51 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] thesilentsenshi.livejournal.com
I would have researched, but I honestly didn't even know where to look first. I'm clueless about this sort of thing. ^^; I've never tried to do anything like this before.

I'll post to [livejournal.com profile] yaoi. Most of the people at yaoi_daily belong to yaoi_daily_cafe and already know I'm looking, so I doubt that would help much. ^^; Maybe I should make a post to [livejournal.com profile] masara_minase telling them I've found chapter 7 and asking if anyone with the other missing chapters is willing to come forward?

I'll make note of that. :)

Re: gokujou no koibito missing chapters

on 2007-05-24 16:26 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
well, life got in between doing a whole lot about it, but my procrastination is being rewarded (bad universe, bad, bad :) -- last night i was too tired to get any work done so i cruised the web looking for copies, as i do now and then. and look what i found! it's finally being released in tankoubon, and two of them at the same time! in june! *dances around happily*.

http://www.7andy.jp/books/search_result?writer=%bf%e5%cc%be%c0%a5%b2%ed%ce%c9 the top 2 positions as of this post (only worthwhile clicking to see the proof in japanese; there are no cover pictures yet). i can't find it at any of the places i normally order from yet; gonna wait a little longer.

there's also a new chapter in the latest aqua: http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B000P5FGRM -- oh, i see lufjad has already scanned it, yay: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25522&highlight=gokujou -- i know what i'll be reading for breakfast. :)

Re: gokujou no koibito missing chapters

on 2007-05-24 17:30 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
*fans self*. oh, nice chapter. masahiro is embarassing himself. :)

of course if i had read that chapter sooner, i'd have known about the tankoubons sooner, since they're announced on the last page. *duh*. but hey. june 12th. here's hoping they stick to that schedule.

well, i feel full of energy now. maybe i can get some work done.

Re: gokujou no koibito missing chapters

on 2007-05-24 16:43 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
OH! and i just now heard from hochuuami, *snrk*. what timing. it appears they have not broken up (which it seemed like they might have), but are getting their act back together, and GnK is definitely on their list of projects to continue working on.

so come july we might well have new scanlations.

on 2007-05-23 14:00 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] echse.livejournal.com
um is it possible to share chapter seven? or if you have already done that, point me in the direction?
I'm so glad that at least one of the mystery chapters turned up. And thank you ^____^

gokujou no koibito

on 2007-05-24 15:59 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
i haven't seen chapter 7 myself yet -- last i heard it was in the process of being scanned.

but, but, but! the best news i found last night. two tankoubons are being released in japan in june!

http://www.7andy.jp/books/search_result?writer=%bf%e5%cc%be%c0%a5%b2%ed%ce%c9 (only worthwhile clicking if you can read japanese; there are no cover pictures yet).

Re: gokujou no koibito

on 2007-05-25 09:57 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] echse.livejournal.com
yes yesss I saw it in the comm (also your post thank you so much for the news by the way!!) I'm increadibly glad... those missing chapters (and that I couldnt read on as a result of them) were like a bad itch at the back of my head... now I can relax and with a little patience I'll have _two_ tankoubon to read (which I generally prefer to the interspersed and messy chapter by chapter following of any manga...) so yeah thank you *grins*


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