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ok, this is the middle of march. i've had it with the freezing temperatures. i want to start gardening! this winter has been unseasonably cold. it's not like i wouldn't have hermitted anyway, but i've been extremely bad about leaving the house, and the cold is not helping. the older i get the more narrow the range of temperatures in which i feel really comfortable.

i was gonna put the sole picture i've taken of a snowdrop cluster here, but photoshop's filebrowser is still busy thumbnailing aegis' image drive, which it has now been doing for more than two hours -- that was probably not a bright idea, to let it start doing that. i need to do better digital asset management. really, the images should move onto the external drive.

i am listening now almost exclusively to jpop/jrock. me -> handbasket -> hell. i blame BUMP OF CHICKEN (lead singer of which is in my icon)(ghod, i have a japanese boyband singer in my userpic. shoot me now.). except how can i not love a group called "bump of chicken", i ask you. no really, i should blame aja. *hearts aja*.

yesterday i spent several (3? 4? 5? time escaped.) hours trying to translate 3 scenes from (another) manga that has sucked me in.
jinian: gokujou no koibito by minase masara -- very, very pretty bois, great dynamic between the characters. i loved that lots of people on [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_daily couldn't tell who the seme was until they were right in the act. probably her best after empty heart. maybe even better. hard to tell; there are 4 chapters missing out of 13, and only 2 are scanlated; empty heart is much shorter. there is something about her characters that hooks me even in her oneshots, but i don't know quite what.

cast: yoshimi (dark hair), masahiro (glasses). text removed to prevent innocent eyes from burning. gayboy is developing a crush on masahiro. down, gayboy. you do not need two lovers. i need some rest.

i must stop with the translation attempts, really. it takes up so much time, and i am so bad at it yet. however much i want it, i can't force the absorption of japanese at that level. i do get something out of it; it feels really amazing when i decipher a key kanji, and suddenly the phrase sounds in my mind, and i RECOGNIZE it. but my time would be better spent conjugating verbs and learning about sentence structures.

for each kanji i had to painstakingly try and discern a major radical used, and then figure out about how many strokes the kanji had in total, so i had a chance to find it on the monash server (it totally rocks that there is even a facility to do multi-radical kanji lookups). then browse through the results to find the one i was looking for, and finally look up the translation and pronunciations. and after that piece it together with the following kana, trying to sound it all out so i could hear where the words end. *gah*. at least my listening skills have improved a lot from, ha! drama CDs, *snicker*. and then of course japanese with its entirely different sentence structure, and its plentiful use of particles doesn't just make immediate sense if one's plugged the translated words in. *aie*.

find of the day:
yoshimi utters the battlecry of seme deeply in love everywhere: 俺 のモノになれよ (ore no mono ni nare yo)[1] - "you are going to be mine!" (i should have an icon of that phrase; it's used almost as much as variations on "no? but you're already like this down here.") -- as soon as i pronounced it i recognized it.

my most embarrassing kanji moment was when i was tearing my hair out over two that masahiro used standing alone, twice shortly one after the other, and that weren't repeating something disbelievingly yoshimi had said before (that goes on a lot, *snicker*; yoshimi surprises the heck out of masahiro which is pretty obvious from the art, masahiro looks totally stunned in that scene). i came up with a translation of "good/pleasing/skilled sea/ocean/beach" and that made completely NO sense, and for a while i thought that maybe it's an idiom and there's no way i'll ever get it.

until it dawned on me that that's yoshimi's name. *sigh*. not starting to translate a manga from the beginning clearly has its drawbacks, *rolls eyes at self*. usually i recognize kanji that are names easily because they get furigana the first few times, and have the honorific endings. but by this time apparently masahiro has dropped the honorific for yoshimi completely as well (!!! that's a big deal!). i'd really like to know what happened in the missing chapters to bring that about!

kanji acquired: 何 (nan - what), 君 (kimi - you), 俺 (ore - i), 寝 (ne - sleep), 状 (jou - shape), 態 (zama - plight, state, appearance), 状態 (joutai - current state, condition), 冗 (jou - uselessness), 冗談 (joudan - joke, jest), 良 (ryou - good), 海 (omi - beach, sea), 良海 (yoshimi, you bastard!)

[1] dean -- that phrase is a good example of why i decided to learn katakana at the same time as hiragana, because it totally casually mixes kanji, hiragana and katakana all in one short sentence. and this is normal.

on 2007-03-17 05:07 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] aquaeri.livejournal.com
Also, when you go to Japan, if you can read katakana and nothing else, you can decode the point of most ads and foreign news (I remember getting "business class", "grapefruit" (flavour for a drink), "afghanistan", and "white house" on my first day in Japan.)


on 2007-03-19 06:04 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
that must have been fun. :)

i adore the idea of katakana. but it also astounds me just how many words the japanese borrow and japanify, words for things that they have perfectly good words for themselves. プレゼント (purezento = present; gift) for example.

gokujou no koibito

on 2007-03-19 04:50 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] jinian.livejournal.com
Your idea of pretty certainly seems to agree with mine. I'll definitely look at some Minase now that I have free time again!

Re: gokujou no koibito

on 2007-03-19 05:56 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
if you need a pimp, she's one of the mangakas i collect, and i have pretty much everything by her that's scanlated, including since-licensed stuff, as well as some stuff in raws with text translations.

i'm thinking of putting up a locked download post for smut i review, because it can be such a terrible hassle to find it for oneself, especially from groups that only do closed forum or IRC releases.

nice icon. :) ayame?


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