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go away.

i don't want to hear that you've been abused by a clergyman when you were a young teenager. i don't even know whether to believe you. i think you've handily grabbed onto the best defense you could find -- blaming your actions on somebody else abusing you when you were a child. because who wouldn't be horrified at that, who wouldn't feel for you? somebody else infected you with teh gay! couldn't have just sprung up on its own, could it. certainly not in a republican. yowza.

i tell you who wouldn't feel for you. this survivor of child sexual abuse. this one who dragged zirself through the initial humiliation of admitting the shame to a counselor. who worked zir ass off to overcome the cycle of abuse and violence. who never laid a hand on another person without their consent, who developed a consent fetish, who to this day makes damn sure any advance, even just a geek-flirty one, is wanted. who is worried about the very first geek-flirty ones because they might impose discomfort on the other person. who wouldn't dream of coming on to a teenager. not because they're "children" -- they're not. not because sex is dirty -- it's not. not because gay sex is an abomination -- it's not. but because i have some bloody self-control and know what is and isn't appropriate.

you bastard. shame, shame, shame on you. even if you were abused. that's no excuse. you have been an adult for years. you should have fought against trying to do the very thing that was (maybe) forced onto you. you should have sought counseling (whether or not you had been abused, when you felt the first stirrings of making out with 16-year old boys over whom you had power). but no; you had to screw around with them instead. you had to abuse your position of power to make advances on people barely old enough to handle themselves in normal sexual situations for that age. they did well, you know? they did the right thing. they tried to disengage, and when that didn't work, they told somebody. you're a miserable little shit who couldn't admit to his homosexual desires, and go about them like an adult man. and don't you now dare to try and defend it by blaming some other guy. oh yeah, and the booze. always so handy; a safe all-american excuse on which to blame one's failings.

how about you blame them on your weak character instead, you slimy chickenhawk?


i don't want to hear any more about you. go away. and take that arsehole hastert with you. you're all such small, rotten men.
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