Feb. 22nd, 2014

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from my personal vocabulary.

i'm doing well with "lame"; i don't use it anymore. same with "blind to", "deaf to". "daft" is also gone, and "crazy", as is "derp" (i hadn't even realized the problem with that last one). "retarded", "loony", and "spaz" are almost gone.

i'm not doing well with "stupid", "dumb", and "idiot". i know the etymology, but in my entire lifetime the latter two terms have not been used by anyone around me to refer to people who're deaf or have intellectual disabilities; they're insults only and long divorced from their origins. and my brain keeps hanging onto them stubbornly.

"stupid" is a more mixed bag, and i'd been thinking i myself used the term only when referring to temporary, careless mind-foggery (despite being fully intellectually capable of seeing the consequences and possibly even bringing them up internally), mostly about myself. but no, to my shame i actually use it to refer to people with probable disabilities. *sigh*. i've been watching "justified" because it's highly rated on metacritic, and while it is well-written and very atmospheric, it is one hell of a depressing show. nearly everyone on it seems to act at all times with lack of foresight, in addition to being craven, cruel, egotistical, and valuing other life less than money and power. even the hero, a US marshal, who's quite a bit smarter than most of his foes, does incredibly inane things. every one of his romantic/sexual involvements is reckless. (i had to search for terms to replace "stupid" there). now, the marshal fits with how i generally think i use "stupid". but the kentucky hillbillies depicted on the show are clearly intellectually not up to the tasks they set themselves in their lives of crime.

if i lived in kentucky i'd hate "justified" with a passion. there are maybe 3 decent people on this show, and none of them are hillbillies. and even hose decent people close their eyes to the violations of the law our "hero" marshal engages in as a matter of course.

anyway. so yeah, i use "stupid" to refer to actual (if fictional) people with intellectual disabilities. not good.

for those of you who try to be more mindful of the words you use, do you have any techniques to get rid of the stubborn ones? i can do it in writing, but in casual speech the word comes out before my mind clamps down on it.
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40 days: day 33 (week 6)

workout C: 6 singles increasing in weight for the major lifts.

2x5 Bodyweight Squat
5:00 min ATG squat

Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP)
2x10 @ 45 lb
1x1 @ 60 lb
1x1 @ 65 lb
1x1 @ 67 lb
1x1 @ 70 lb
1x1 @ 72 lb
1x1 @ 75 lb (PR)
volume: 1309

singles are still fun. 75 went up decently; not perfect, but i didn't twist my back and i didn't push-press it. held it at the top just because i could. this is my previously calculated 1RM. i didn't have any more in the tank; a second rep would probably not have gone up without breaking form completely. hm. i am not particularly tight, so i can probably milk some more from my core. 2 weeks ago i could not lift this (i tried accidentally because of a plate error), so my upper body strength IS increasing, albeit very slowly.

after this cycle is over (week 8), i'll be switching out OHP for bench.

Barbell Deadlift
2x5 @ 105 lb
1x1 @ 145 lb
1x1 @ 155 lb
1x1 @ 165 lb
1x1 @ 175 lb
1x1 @ 185 lb
1x1 @ 195 lb (PR)
volume: 2070

did not dawdle with the plate changes; one clunk-clunk after the other. good form. not much further to go til the first big goal; lifting my own bodyweight. every singles day i am tempted to just push it up there, but i must remember i'm a tortoise, not a hare. this slow progression has assured that i've never yet tweaked my back or anything else.

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing
2x20 @ 28 lb
volume: 1120

no change.

Rotational Kettlebell Deadlift
2x10 @ 43 lb
volume: 860

no change.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row
6x10 @ 32 lb
volume: 1920

nothing new here.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise
2x10 @ 6 lb
volume: 120

+ weight next period, i think.

this was a good workout. felt up to the task, didn't futz around, didn't let myself get distracted.

total volume: 7459 lb


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