Dec. 2nd, 2013

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2x30sec BW

side planks
4x15sec BW

glute bridge
2x30 @ 10lb

2x10 @ 13.5lb

2x10 BW

15 min mobility.

shorter program because i was still feeling my muscles from the day before, but i did want to get some core exercises in. i've been kinda enjoying feeling my lats especially, because before SL5x5 i was not aware i had lats. ;)

did not twist the lunges, just straight ahead, which is enough of a challenge for my balance.

i think i will increase the difficulty of the core exercises once a week only. they're still plenty demanding for me.

gloria actually finally answered my termination email, though i can't tell why it took her two weeks to do it, because it was just two sentences. she said we would just have to "agree to disagree". no idea about what, though i suspect heavy lifting (i didn't even go into detail, just told her i started a different program). hey, sherlock: no, we don't have to agree to disagree. you're just plain wrong, and i disagreed to the point that i fired you. deal.

i'm sure glad that's over. i remember what she said when i first brought up that maybe lifting heavier would be good for me: "baby steps. maybe in a few months we can start on the smith machine." 5 weeks later i am lifting 80 bloody pounds from the floor instead of dancing with 8 lb dumbbells on a bozo ball working my way up to the smith machine [*]; no question which program is making me stronger.

[*] for those not in the know, a smith machine consists of a barbell fixed within steel rails, allowing only vertical movement. it was invented by jack lalanne in order to make lifting heavy weights safer. it kinda does that, to a point. however, it also forces people into an unnatural position for the squat, and it doesn't produce anywhere as good results as squatting with free weights. power lifters loathe the smith machine, partly because it also allows people to overstate the amount of weight they can actually lift (since it stabilizes the weight for you, you can lift more).
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overhead press
1x5 @ 45lb
5x5 @ 55lb

1x5 @ 85lb
4x5 @ 90lb

goblet squats
5x5 13.5lb

bench dips
5x5 BW

an hour before the workout i felt good. then i did my warmup, and for some reason my whole body felt weak afterwards. i didn't do anything weird or new, and i was looking forward to working out. no idea what happened.

5 min cardio.
15 min mobility.

OHP: the warmup set was ok, but the first set with working weight was not good. i wasn't really tight and had arms like wet noodles. i got the weight up there, but it wasn't pretty; hyperextended back, uneven arms. but i wasn't gonna let my mind screw me over (though still no idea why it would even try). pulled myself together for sets 3-6, tried to crush that bar, and puuuush the weight up. it did go better, though form was still not as good as i wanted it. 5 lb weight increase might be a bit much now, but since i was noodly even with the empty bar, i am not taking that as a reason to start microloading. not yet.

deadlift: did the first set with the usual increase of 5 lb. then increased by another 5 because the first set felt good, and my squat seems like it is never gonna catch up anyway. i just got pissed off that some dark corner of my mind tries to screw with my progress. not gonna let it happen easily. so why not push the deadlift ahead, at least for today, to make myself feel better. my fingers tingled a bit at the end of each set; i'm hoping that's because i am crushing the heck out of the bar. i can really feel my glutes and hamstrings activate now.

goblet squats: i am concentrating hard on form to avoid buttwinking in the hole. my breathing was all over the place at first, but then i regulated it to be very rhythmic, in tune with going down and coming back up.

bench dips: well, my triceps sure felt it tonight. i was gonna add another accessory triceps exercise, but yeah, not necessary. when the new power rack comes, i'll be able to do assisted dips with hands by my side instead of behind me, which better simulates the kayak exit i am working towards.

next time i'll wear my heart rate monitor if i can find the strap. i can really feel the cardio effects of the lifting now. be interesting to see where the heart rate gets to.

mostly good workout, despite the weird start.
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*ugh*. i was wondering whether i'd toss my cookies if i did core exercises tonight. what turned my body weak the day before wasn't my mind's inscrutable sabotage after all, but some kind of stomach flu. 20 min after my workout i got the runs on both ends, and haven't been able to keep down food. i'll try a plank and see how it goes.

30sec BW

side planks
2x15sec BW

glutes bridge
15sec @ 10lb

and that's all he wrote. the digestive tract rebelled in the middle of the glute bridge. i guess stomach flu and working out are not compatible.

the paramour went to vegas for a conference. poor thing. which means i will have at least 4 cats in bed with me. :D


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