Sep. 9th, 2013

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would you please already move fully into the digital age?

funny, my handicraft magazines have for the most part managed it. i can get them in epub or pdf format, i can read them on my desktop or ebook reader, and if i wanted to, on my smartphone. are the readers of political magazines really less computer-savvy than the ones of knitting and crochet magazines? or are just their publishers more hide-bound?

i know many magazine publishers are in difficult financial straits. i want to put my money where my website views are. i want to support those companies that put out really great websites and pay amazing writers.

but the atlantic makes it difficult for me to subscribe -- unless i want to shell out extra for the print edition shipped to canada, or acquire an apple-manufactured mobile device. i don't; i do not support apple's walled garden approach, and my mobile device of choice is an android phone. on which i do not actually want to read anything more than a text message because its screen is too small. in any case, the atlantic only offers an iphone/ipad app. no pdf, no epub, no android app (no kindle either, which i don't rant about since i am not in favour of amazon's walled garden).

i don't want a print edition. i am long past wanting a magazine in print. it's cumbersome to read, it clutters up the house, it needs recycling, and trees were killed that needn't die.

and guess what? i can't even send them email to express my disappointment. i have to use the phone or snail mail. not gonna happen, but it's certainly one way to close one's ears and go "nah nah nah, i can't hear you complaining". except in this case, it's costing them a subscriber.

two years ago i had worse trouble with rolling stone, who didn't have any digital edition, and whose print magazine costs double to subscribe to in canada. it is finally doing better (a recent change) in the digital realm. it's available on more platforms, such as android, nook, kindle. but still no pdf or epub i can read on my own ebook reader and desktop. and since my android phone can't handle the new google play, it too isn't able to access the app. and even if i could read current issues, that still doesn't get me to the matt taibbi archives, which is what i want most of all -- but for that i need a US address. WTF?

the problem with the android app leads me to a separate rant about the planned near-instant obsolescence of cell phones. my old hardware works fine, it fits well into my hand, and i love it (it has a small physical keyboard which i much prefer over on-screen ones). but thanks to cellphone provider rogers' insistence to keep me from upgrading the OS itself, i am stuck on the last OS they gave me, which is ancient now. unless i want to jailbreak the phone. which i'll do, but seriously, it should be a damn crime to lock people in like this unless you, dammit, provide proper upgrades for the actual lifetime of the phone. yes, i know nobody wants to do that. i am ok with you not doing it, IF you then let me do it myself and not put enormous hurdles in my way, and much threatening legalese.

now i need to ponder how i can support the atlantic and rolling stone anyway. i can subscribe via itunes, and then break the DRM and process the resulting document into pdf/epub. but seriously, i should not have to do something illegal. that's just stupid.


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