Aug. 19th, 2013

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sansevieria has sharp blades, green with bright yellow edges, which really stand out in front of a dark, mock-brick slate wall

on monday i had a meeting with VI fitness's rachael, for a mutual interview and my fitness assessment. physically rachael was pretty much the opposite of what i'd been hoping for -- petite, and very skinny. i know i can't expect a fat trainer (though i'd love that), and physicality isn't all that important, but somebody with some poundage on them might be more inclined to understand where i am at. anyway, just a minor thing.

except that rachael tried to empathize with me anyway, by bringing up that she too was once overweight, looking at herself in the mirror and realizing she absolutely had to lose 20 lbs.

yeah, rachael, way to go. i had already told the intake person, cassandra, that i was NOT there for weight loss, did not want to talk about weight loss, did not want weight loss pushed on me. guess that didn't make it through to rachael. maybe that just doesn't fit the script these guys obviously follow. i imagine that most fat people join a gym to lose weight.

i was good. i did not get defensive. i patiently explained that i was not there to lose weight, but to gain strength and flexibility. rachael smoothly switched tracks and nodded, said "of course, getting healthy is what matters most" and on we went with some more questions. nutritionally we had no big disagreements (the fitness industry seems to have backed off its totally stupid diet plans where all fat was bad). i told her that i was walking nearly every day about 40 minutes at an elevated heart rate, and that i had a new kayak which i drop in the water whenever i can.

then came the fitness assessment. they have a "revolutionary" (gimmicky) thing called "body age" where they do some simple strength and flexibility tests, weigh you, assess your BMI, and then tell you that you could actually be younger than you are if you only work out at their gym. as i expected, i was not as flexible and not as strong as i want to be. and immediately the weight loss snuck back into rachael's narrative, disguised by pointing out that my body was almost 50% fat and that was much too much. yeah yeah yeah. i cackled internally because the test had me pretty much at the chronological age i actually am.

then rachael made a tentative plan if i were to see her twice a week. which included 30 min cardio, but no classes for yoga or pilates. hello! i am there to gain strength and flexibility. i am already doing cardio on my own. why would i need more cardio, and 30 min of it to boot?

in short, she was nice, but i got the feeling she had a script, one script, and applied that to all clients equally. not a good match. i still like the facilities, and i want to check out their other location, but rachael is not gonna be my trainer. i wonder what the polite thing to do here would be; should i call back and let them know that i've decided against it? probably. should i tell them why not? ugh. probably, eh.

the other two places that were gonna call me back, did not. bummer for them.
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today i met with gloria, a trainer associated with the nanaimo athletic club (the place i liked from its website but then was disappointed by in person). we met at the NAC, which gave me another chance to look at it -- to see whether my perception had been coloured by the suboptimal interaction with the receptionist. it had, somewhat. it still looked a bit dingy though. the same person was at reception but seemed not to recognize me.

but gloria was a breath of fresh air. i got lucky to meet her this soon; now i am almost glad the other places didn't call back and i don't have to do at least 3 more interviews. she is just what i was hoping for -- enthusiastic but not pushy in the wrong way. she listened to me and it didn't feel like she was tailoring her replies to suck me in, but it felt like i got her honest reactions. and she shows a little chunk, yay. she's lost a lot of weight over the last 3 years, but i didn't get a zealous vibe from her like one often gets from "converts" of one stripe or another.

she thinks exercise should be fun overall (though it might be challenging at times), and that everyone is different and needs a different plan for working out. she's not peddling any supplements or specialized equipment or fat-burning diet plan. she commiserated with me about my negative experience at the NAC and asked whether she could share the feedback with the owners. we talked about the other gyms in town and it was interesting to get her opinion of them (i appreciated that she wasn't trying to push NAC on me). she did tell me that in her opinion the yoga classes at NAC were top-notch, and that spin classes were included in the price, which they were not everywhere else (which is correct, but at this point i am not interested in spin classes).

she also told me that she is working primarily out of a small personal fitness studio that is not a gym, and invited me to check that out -- able body consulting. i had noticed them during my web research, but they hadn't properly registered because i got the impression that they were geared towards fitness performers. that seems not to be the case. she also likes the lifestyle club and thinks their aquacize classes are awesome, but doesn't know whether the owner would allow her to train me there since the club has its own trainers -- something for me to find out.

we were to meet for 30 min, but ended up yakking for a whole hour (we both do tangents upon tangents and then unerringly return to the original point, which was fun), and could have gone on if a client had not been waiting for her -- i watched how they interacted, and really liked it; it felt comfortable, and she introduced us, and i felt i could have asked him his opinion about her and that would have been fine. i didn't because heck, i don't know him either, but just feeling that option was opened for me, that was comforting.

so yeah, we hit it off. i am excited to get started. (and it's not even hideously expensive -- $40/hr if i prepay for 12 sessions.)


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