Aug. 10th, 2013

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seagull on rock outcropping covered with lichen looking back at me over its shoulder; coniferous forest in the background

2 hours ocean kayaking today, on the far outer edge of ladysmith harbour. put in at elliot's beach park, a relatively unknown spot, with a lovely, fine shell beach, and a lot of rock shelves. good swimming, probably also good diving. need to carry the kayak ~70m down to the beach, but after that it's easy to launch and easy to exit the kayak. did not dunk my butt in the water when exiting this time, but it was a close thing; beached whales have more grace than i do. high tide was at 20:05; pretty much ideal.

well, it would have been ideal if not some people with extremely unruly dogs hung around forever when i was ready to call it quits. i love dogs. i don't love dog owners who are thoughtless, selfish twits who have no control over their dogs. i have two words for them: obedience school. or only one word: leash. i am muchly in favour of letting dogs run free, but i do not want to be jumped on by wet, dirty dogs, especially not when i am balancing on the edge of a kayak. these guys did of course also not walk after their dogs to pick up poop.

aside from that mild crankiness, it was a great outing. i can really feel the workout, even though i spent some time just ambling around looking at the intertidal zone. a seal got very curious and watched me for a while in turn. i should take up snorkeling.


piranha: red origami crane (Default)
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