Jul. 15th, 2012

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and even large companies like adobe and amazon seem blissfully unaware of such a thing. what is this, the dark ages?

so today i installed the kindle for mac program since i broke down to buy a book i really needed right away, and which was most easily available on the kindle.

the app died on me right away with the incredibly helpful error message "there was a problem". no shit?

fortunately we have the console, which told me:
12/07/15 5:23:42 PM [0x0-0xa90a9].com.amazon.Kindle[1427] dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/libWEbCoreKRF.dylib
12/07/15 5:23:42 PM [0x0-0xa90a9].com.amazon.Kindle[1427] Referenced from: /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/libWebCoreViewer.dylib
12/07/15 5:23:42 PM [0x0-0xa90a9].com.amazon.Kindle[1427] Reason: image not found

thanks to adobe i am primed to look for case-sensitivity issues, so the difference between libWEbCore and libWebCore jumped right out at me. looking inside the app bundle showed that indeed, libWebCoreKRF.dylib is present and accounted for.

fortunately this is easily fixed by creating a dynamic link from the correct lib to the misspelled one:

using terminal, admin privileges, go to the directory in question (/Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/Frameworks if you've installed in the usual place), and issue this command:

ln -s libWebCoreKRF.dylib libWEbCoreKRF.dylib

and the app will work for now -- until the next update. any bets on whether that'll fix the problem? yeah, didn't think so.

in better news, market day left us with ripe, local strawberries, and they are SO GOOD. and moroccan spice bread. and baked bread pudding. and fresh fudge.


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