Apr. 23rd, 2012

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salon has redesigned their website again.

did they fix the abysmal comment system? nope; it's actually even worse. did they make content easier to reach? nope; it's harder. is the typography better? nope. is the design at least innovative? nope; they hired a print designer to do it, and consequently it does not pay attention to what works and doesn't work on the web. fire-engine red right next to black and white? *gouges out eyes*. it's not the worst i've ever seen, but it's bad enough to make me write a special user stylesheet for opera, something i usually no longer have to do since web design has become so much better in general.

i can't bitch to them, because i can't get a comment posted. so i'll bitch here. because what's worse than the bad colour scheme, the disappearance of content as i liked it, and the multitude of errors resulting from lackadaisical cross-browser testing, what's worse is that in an attempt to be hip, salon now pipes in facebook recommendations in a side column taking up nearly as much space as the article column.

so i am reading glenn greenwald's indictment of the complicity of federal judges in the torture of innocent people, and right next to it, the wisdom of the facebook crowd recommends to me:

Gay porn’s most shocking taboo
Dunham: “Girls” sex scares men
Nike (still) likes big butts
Zooey Deschanel makes my teeth hurt
When porn meets real motherhood
Porn is coming for your daughter!

WHAT...THE...FUCK. if i wanted to see the inanity on facebook, i'd use my derelict facebook account. i do NOT want to see that on salon. get that invasive, datamining, and juvenile stuff off my screen!

(but hey, the paramour survived the gall bladder surgery, so that makes up for many, many shitty redesigns.)


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