Jan. 18th, 2012

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this was a pain to set up, and i won't know whether it'll even work; i had to fake creating a livejournal, and then edited the account info to slip dreamwidth in there. this used to be easier.

nope, first try didn't work.

ok, so second try did work, but i don't have access to my userpics; it uses the ones from the LJ account with which i tricked it. it also sets comments to "disabled". tags? ummm... darn, i knew i forgot something. i wonder what it does if i try to resend it after i edited it elsewhere? it overwrites it. that's not actually bad, it means i can edit it and it'll save the edited version here. tags also came over.

why am i bothering? because i am clearly not writing here, and part of that is that i have too many bloody tabs in my browser, and i am writing in too many different places. so, consolidation sounds like a good idea.

of course i'd have to do this today, when i ought to protest SOPA/PIPA by not contributing to the knowledge on the web, but considering how little i've contributed, and the fact that dreamwidth participates in calling attention to the problem, i think i'll forgive myself.


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