May. 6th, 2010

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firecat asked how the kobo falls short of my ideal, and a) it's a long list, and b) it's not that the kobo falls short in specific, but that all ereaders fall short at this point, so i thought i separate this from the reader review itself.

  • full text search.
  • full colour, high resolution, primarily to view images. though i could live with high-level grayscale instead and forget about reading graphic novels/comics on my ereader.
  • comics view functions, if i get colour e-ink.
  • foreground and background colour/contrast control.
  • intuitive navigation.
  • annotations: highlights, notes, drawings.
  • clipboard.
  • bookmarks.
  • integrated dictionaries of my choice.
  • wifi/3G/bluetooth (this is not a top requirement).
  • if the above, then also integrated google/wikipedia lookup.
  • integrated translation for several languages of my choice.
  • several fonts of my choosing, as well as sizing.
  • tagging of books.
  • handle the major formats so i can stop converting.
  • touch screen (pressure-sensitive stylus would work best for me, but multi-touch could make navigation very easy).
  • handwriting recognition.
  • split screen or easy switching back-and-forth so i can see different passages at once.
  • open-source OS.
  • external memory expandability.
  • good library management.
  • lightweight.
  • decent battery life (a full day would be acceptable, a week would be fabulous), and quick charge.
  • USB connectivity.
  • rugged.
  • well-priced (and naturally it should come with a pony).

i don't ask for much, do i. *snrk*.

i don't need easy integrated purchasing from anywhere i am, and i can totally live without wifi as well; that would just be nice for looking up information. i'm also fine without audio.


piranha: red origami crane (Default)
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