Mar. 19th, 2010

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magnolia blossom, half-open, photographed in front of magenta heather

welcome new people, here via [personal profile] liv's awesome friending meme!

maybe that'll make me post about something other than just geocaching, *grin*.
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There comes a time in every science writer’s career when one must write about glass duck vaginas and explosive duck penises.

ooooo-kay. i knew that drakes (male ducks) are not gentle lovers, but that instead they generally rape their sex partners, which don't necessarily have to be female, ducks, or heck, even alive. what i didn't know is that apparently evolution has served female ducks with the ability to sidetrack the drake's ejaculation into a blind alley of the duck cloaca if she doesn't like him. and in turn drakes have developed explosive corkscrew penises.

read more about it (with high-speed duck penis video!)

thanks to [personal profile] redroanchronicles for today's sex ed.
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i'm procrastinating; i should go to bed. instead i'm gonna do a meme, since there are new people reading. yeah yeah. it'll be the only meme for a long time, so enjoy it while it's fresh.
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large pink neon letter A on a midnight blue background
but the longer i look at this, the more cheerful i get. oh well!

maybe i should not have watched SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND.


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