May. 4th, 2009

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the "national organization for marriage" usually makes me sick, but today it became -- inadvertantly, of course -- the prime hilarity of my day.

a few weeks ago i heard that they were planning to either change their name, or start a major campaign as "two million for marriage". a title/slogan that acronymizes to "2M4M" -- which sounds like an ad on a kinky gay sex site to us perverts. that's almost right up there with "teabagging".

i thought after this came to their ears, they might change their mind about the name. but no, they went right ahead. what they didn't go right ahead with, however, was the acquisition of the appropriate domains.


via [personal profile] sara.
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only not so... fresh and green. :) just wet and frazzled. while this looks sorta zen. ok, it completely does not represent my mental state at all.
japanese cutleaf maple

went soil and manure shopping and picked up a few tomato plants and blue-purple petunias and some funky-looking succulents. and took pictures of plants in the rain, and sort of lost myself in that.

i don't know why i am so exhausted. i am kinda sleeping, though not very long. ah well. maybe i need a tag that says "fuck depression". i am not sad depressed, just low-on-spoons depressed. i want to do so much! it's spring! it's planting time! there is much coding and support on DW to be done. but i can't concentrate for long.

guess i go to bed and read smut.
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i am not posting any original material to LJ anymore. i am crossposting the dailies and some other things, but am keeping purely dreamwidth-related items on dreamwidth (so as to not further annoy those who have an irrational thing against dreamwidth squee). i'm also going to post some things here that i feel more comfortable posting only on DW (i am not entirely sure what that will be, probably things relating to the new people i've added and the sorts of ideas they spark in my mind).

i'm basically starting slowly to close up shop on LJ, because dreamwidth is fully functional for me, and this is my new home. i will maintain an account on LJ for the time being, to read the posts of people who're not migrating and to comment. once dreamwith has finished their cross-journal reading feature, i will remove everything from my LJ account because i no longer feel good about providing my content for LJ to slap ads on.

so if you're reading me in both places, you can remove me on LJ and just read me on DW.

if you're crossposting the same things on DW and on LJ, please let me know, so i can pare down my reading list on LJ.


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