May. 2nd, 2009

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i have a cat with goldfish brains(not the one in the icon, this one.
- shadow was trapped in the attic.
- she mewled piteously.
- we took a ladder out to her.
- she wouldn't go, too steep.
- we wrapped towels around the rungs for better traction.
- she went on first run, not good enough.
- we took the ladder inside where there is attic access and less steepness.
- she wouldn't come down.
- i went up to pick her up. she didn't like that.
- we lured her with cat food treat at bottom.
- no good.
- finally we left to give her time to consider and maybe come down on her own (she used to do that all the time).

a few minutes later:
she barrelled down the outside (where the ladder had been before), sliding down the wall. then she went inside to eat the treat.

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crown of a young plum tree with some pinkish blossoms and many more burgundy leaves
prunus cerasifera 'pissardii nigra'

the landlord did not actually forget about the discussion we had in the fall that having a tree in front might help shade the shack in the summer. so now they bought us a tree. a tree which flowers and will bear fruit! what it will not do is give much shade for the next N years. *grin*. but i don't mind. we have a fruit tree, *heh*! and it's certainly bigger than my thigh-high ginkgo. which survived our unusually nasty winter with very little damage and is leafing out now. also blooming: dogwood, apple tree, and scylla.

we're in open beta now, and i will no longer drive you nuts regale you with the daily good thing about dreamwidth. :) just that things are going well, thousands of new people have moved in and are exploring, and i feel good about helping a little to make it work. and i am very *bouncy* about the *poing* helping too!

i'll write about open beta night when i get some spoons, i can't even keep up with my reading list right now, nevermind LJ.


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