Apr. 29th, 2009

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and i want it right now!

OMG, it's open beta day. only 18 hours to go.

i love working on this project. i love how the people interact with each other, how we're all becoming more aware of not only accessibility issues, but also how flippant talk about subjects we diss can easily make somebody else feel marginalized. and people are mindful of that, and try not to be defensive when they've stepped on somebody's toes, but we change the subject, everyone calms down, and then we can begin again. i really like this attitude, and being with a lot of different people is training me way more than trying to do it on my own.

i love how so many get to help (the list of people who're editing the wiki is astounding), how everything that gets done is praised, how people are encouraged to stretch themselves a little, and are supported with some handholding. even during the stress of closed beta with open beta so close now, nobody is yelling at anyone. and i can see the seeds of the support system being laid, and while i know that support will get tedious when the 500th person asks the same thing, i also know that the attitude of the response will be friendly, acknowledging that for _this_ person, this is the first time they're dealing with this problem, and they will be treated like a human being, not a "luser".

once we're out of the inevitable chaos of the next couple of weeks, this will be such a cool environment. it'll be possible to get involved with working on a real open source project for people who always wanted to, but felt the learning curve was just too steep, and the other developers too technical.

it will rock.


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