Apr. 18th, 2009

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rathtrevor beach, parksville, with the tide way, way out. i like walking on the bottom of the sea. :)

daily dreamwidth goodie:

changes to the logic of when the navigation strip is shown to you; it becomes a viewing preference and not a style preference: you choose when and where you want to see it and no one can override that for you. also, the navigation strip itself is improved to be more useful.

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the *poing* wanted to vegetate today, so i went by myself to hazelwood herb farm and looked at their early offerings.

  • wasabia japonica -- wasabi (mine got eaten by wildlife last year, *pout*, so we try again)
  • artemisia dracunculus 'sativa' -- french tarragon (hard winter killed mine)
  • myrrhis odorata -- sweet cicely (strong taste reminiscent of anise)
  • rumex scutatus -- buckler's sorrel (sharp, tangy lemon flavor)
  • levisticum officinale -- lovage (vaguely reminiscent of celer;, maggi)
  • monarda fistulosa -- wild bergamot (sweet, pungent, peppery, buttery)
  • marrubium vulgare -- white horehound (musky, bittersweet)
  • agastache foeniculum -- white anise hyssop (strong, sweet, anise/licorice)
  • borago officinalis -- borage (fresh, young cucumber)
  • valeriana officinalis -- valerian (tastes like wet, dirty socks; attracts rats)
  • galium verum -- lady's bedstraw (for dye)
  • thymus x citriodorus 'orange balsam' -- thyme (x orange)
  • thymus x citriodorus 'doone valley' -- creeping thyme (more lemony than lemon thyme)
  • lavandula x intermedia 'grosso' -- lavender (darkest blue-purple flowers of any of the french hybrids, very cold hardy)
  • lavandula x intermedia 'goldburg' -- lavender (creamy yellow & grey-blue, compact growth)


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