Apr. 13th, 2009

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so a "glitch" is responsible? say what? since when do glitches send customer service letters signed with "ashley d"?

exactly what kind of glitch? you didn't answer the LA times when they asked. i dunno about you, but when i wrote for a large company with many, many clients, this was the process a software change went through:

- a proposal for change is thought up and presented.
- several someones up the management chain have to approve it.
- money has to be budgeted.
- code has to be spec'ed and written.
- the code has to be tested on a development system.
- bugs are fixed and retested.
- finally the change is rolled out into production.

in between are often some rounds of "what about this?", "ah, you're right, we gotta change that too".

so, what exactly here is the glitch? what did amazon _mean_ to do?

and how is it that it wasn't detected earlier? don't tell me amazon's programmers just let any old code loose on the production servers on the day before easter weekend. i know complexity is a complex thing, but that would just be lousy practice, and any internet company should know better.

also, whoever designed this craptacular way of using sales rankings to keep adult books out of certain searches, should be sent to reeducation bootcamp. there is absolutely no reason per se why it has to be done that way; it's profoundly inelegant. furthermore, what i do and don't get to see in searches should be up to _me_, and only me -- if i want to see cock, that should be my damn choice. i need no protection. well, maybe from twilight, but let me guess, that didn't get unranked.

amazon's latest statement.

and this theory seems to me the most plausible to date: former amazon employee talks about arcane bits of the editing system. i mean, everyone who works on LJ code can conceive of this, right? *wry grin*.

so, no more editing on live systems, hm, amazon? also, an apology would be nice.


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