Apr. 3rd, 2009


Apr. 3rd, 2009 00:34
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i can haz a dreamwidth account, thanks to the random delights of bit (a bot), twitter, and paying attention on IRC.

so the migration begins a little sooner than i had planned. i've got to figure out where to store my dailies.

what is dreamwidth, you ask?

dreamwidth is a new journalling service dedicated to open communication of ideas, started by rahaeli (and other former LJ staff). it's meant to be more open, more transparent, more free (as in freedom of expression) than LJ, and remain without ads while being run professionally. view the guiding principles. i believe in it because i know the people involved, and they're ... good people. genuinely good. i trust them to do their damndest to do this well, and not sell out.

i am totally thrilled. i'm hoping this will become my new online home. it's currently in closed beta, and open beta is set to start april 30. i will crosspost entries of general interest between there and here as soon as i get it set up. you too can participate at this point if you want (just to check things out) -- dreamwidth not only accepts your openID, but it allows you to have your own subscriptions, reading list, and icons in addition to commenting, and regular account holders can add you to their access lists and filters.

and now i go beta-testing. well, maybe bed first. or maybe customize my account first? *wheeee*!


Apr. 3rd, 2009 01:14
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i can haz a dreamwidth account, thanks to the random delights of bit, twitter, and paying attention on IRC. and to think that i don't even like twitter. but i was on that link like a bat out of hell.

so the migration begins sooner than i had planned. i've got to figure out where to store my daily photographs. this might just be the right time to start my own photography website.

i am totally thrilled to be here. i was out of commission when the calls for help and beta testers went out, but i WANT to help. so i'll start looking around where it's needed, since there isn't an abuse team yet, i imagine. :)
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iowa supreme court legalizes gay marriage, in a unanimous and emphatic decision.

gay and lesbian couples can seek marriage licenses starting april 24.
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euphorbia milii (crown-of-thorns).

one nifty thing about dreamwidth a day for the foreseeable future:

the addition of another option on the "gender" field: instead of "female, male, unspecified", the choices are now "female, male, other, rather not say".

yay, other! this makes me inordinately happy and included.


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