Mar. 21st, 2009

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last bulkhead put in place, a couple of frames sistered in the fo'c'sle; now all major structural work on the boat is done. flex tubes for hot water floor heating laid in the paramour's quarters. all cabin soles are in. about half the casework cabinets are built. hull and uppers are primed.

and shadow is eating regular kibble. we went from cream and egg, to tunawater and egg, to flaked tuna, to canned paté chopped in cream, straight back to kibble. she refused the liquified canned stuff i had fed her before the teeth came out, and she never wanted to touch canned chunks which she used to love. weird. but this is great; some cats don't ever go back to hard kibble after their teeth come out.

now the whole lot slinks around my feet and mreeps when i get up, feeling entitled to their share of goodies (because it is not possible to just give one cat special treatment in this house).

i am happy that shadow is alright again.

i've been unusually productive all week as well. yay!
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the paramour's bed. *whew*. it is solid; not totally overbuilt, but just right -- we can both lay on it if we want and it doesn't bend anywhere. and it doesn't squeak. i can stand on it comfortably to hang curtains or put things on the shelves (which are yet to come).

$35 lumber and screws, and a pilot bit which will be useful for other things.

i am happy.


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