Mar. 19th, 2009

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few plants they offer at canadian tire over the winter are ever properly labelled beyond "tropical plant" and "fern", so i am guessing. i love the colour combination with the blush.

it was 11°C today, and i made some serious inroads in the backyard (which i totally neglected last year); cut down a lot of the blackberry canes that had grown up through the apple tree, and seriously pruned the tree itself, probably 1/2 of it. the tree is dying, but i don't want the landlord to chop it down. i don't really care about the apples, but the shade is really nice, and the cats like it. they'll like it even better pruned.

i'm considering a sealer for the pruning wounds. i don't generally believe in sealers; i think applied to a wet wound they often crack as everything dries, and are then even more susceptible to wood rotting crap getting in there. but this tree is already so weak that i feel i ought to help it out. i dunno. i should do some reading on what the latest research says.
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one of the good things to come out of racefail 2009 is the project to assist fans of colour who'd like to participate in wiscon but can't afford it on their own. the auction for some really spiffy items in [ profile] con_or_bust has started!

click if you haven't heard about it yet )
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now they're using the DMCA to restrict where you can buy e-books.

i didn't buy a kindle because a) i don't like DRM, and b) i don't like being tied to an overlord (even if benign) for my reading pleasure.

this isn't going to change my mind, rather it's moving me back towards not even buying paper books from amazon again, because this isn't "benign" by any stretch of the imagination.

no kindle in my future now, definitely.
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in the slowly growing ebook reader field, the dutch "bebook" was a nice contender when it debuted. but it was way over my price limit, so i didn't even stop to drool. now that they've revealed their edition 2 at CEBIT, the price for the first one is right. it doesn't integrate with any specific book seller, but i consider that a feature (cf. amazon's "mothership" attitude, and sony's windows-only "solution").



  • Dimensions: 184mm(l)*120mm(w)*10mm(h)

  • Weight : 220gr (incl. battery)

  • Display: ePaper, 600*800 (6 inch) (E-Ink technology)

  • Internal storage: 512MB flash memory

  • I/O: 3.5mm audiojack, USB 1.1 Port, SD slot (extendable up to 4GB)

  • Power Supply: 3.7V Li-ION battery 950mAh


  • Easy accessible book library menu

  • Supported file formats: pdf, mobi (DRM), prc, epub, lit, txt, fb2, doc, html, rtf, djvu, wol, ppt, mbp, chm, bmp, jpg, png, gif, tif, rar, zip, mp3.

  • Built-in menu language support: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Ukraine, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Estonian, Polish

  • Change fonttype while reading

  • Increase/decrease font size

  • Add bookmark to a page

  • Zoom page

  • Sort library by title, filename, size

  • Play mp3 files and audiobooks

U$ 279. that's a whopping U$71 less than my previous top choice, bookeen's cybook gen 3.

they have a large, freely downloadable library of public domain books preformatted to display nicely on the bebook.

and apparently wifi support is coming soon, so they're not dropping support for the first bebook with the announcement of the second one. this link has lots of pictures (many more than the manufacturer's website; figure that).

check it out:


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