Mar. 6th, 2009

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so there's definitely something wrong with shadow's mouth. i separated her from the others by feeding her warm wet food in the egg room with the door closed. she started digging in with gusto, but then she behaved like a lump of catfood had bitten her; she jumped back from it, and then pawed it carefully while keeping a distance, and licked food off her paw. after that happened a couple of times, she wouldn't go back to the same bowl and instead prowled the others to lick them.

ok, i am human, we have big brains. today i pureed the cat food in the food processor with enough water (and some cream) to make it liquid. now she can lick it all. i also warmed it up a bit. that seems to work well; she lapped up about half of what we started with, ca 80g of the can. we shall repeat that later today, whenever she shows signs of being hungry again.

my doctor's visit went ... weird. totally not what i had expected and stressed over -- new doctors IME like to do a lot of prodding, testing, and going over my history. but doctor O. was all smiles, let me give two sentences of how the heart problems started and where i was now, looked at my latest data (which i always neatly print in graph form), pronounced it great, and invited me to come back soon for a whole physical and so we could get to know each other better -- and then she wrote me a prescription for a year's worth of meds and said goodbye. shortest visit i've ever had. but at least i have meds now and don't have to go back just to have them filled (i guess she doesn't believe in that policy; i actually think it's annoying but also good for people like me). if only she knew how likely i am to get myself back for a physical...
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barnes & noble have acquired ebook seller fictionwise.

hm. didn't B&N try their own ebook store a few years back, in cooperation with microsoft? i studiously ignored that because a) microsoft and b) DRMed content only. i continue to ignore DRMed work, and usually buy my ebooks in pdf format, since the OLPC is happiest reading that. if i ever MUST have something that's DRMed i buy it in a format that's been cracked, and convert it as soon as i've got it downloaded. it's a pain, though, i usually just don't bother buying it.

i guess B&N trying again because amazon seems to really make a go of it, what with the kindle in edition 2 now. possibly the mainstream is waking up to the glory that are ebooks, now that the readers are getting cheaper and ebooks are easier to find.

i spend a fair penny at fictionwise these days; i hope nothing changes for the worse. of course their own announcement is filled with how this portents an exciting future -- but somehow that rarely seems to mean "exciting" in a way i'll appreciate.


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