Nov. 6th, 2008

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slept most of the day, after spending my random drawing win from fictionwise -- 10% off my order, woohoo! i don't recall the last time i won something, and certainly never online.

still very caught up in the aftershocks of the election, watching the outstanding races. trying to avoid palin news, but since the long knives are out, that's sorta difficult. and a part of me likes to see that. i found her choice to be the most overall cynical and corrupt thing in this campaign; a true insult to people's intelligence as well as their sense of what should and should not be done in a political campaign. and part of me wants to not just see her go away, but wants the spirit she cast over the country to be staked and buried, so it won't ever return, wants the far-"christian" right to be decisively repudiated as the hateful stain they are on a nation that could be so much more.

i am all for getting together -- with people of character even if they believe in different economic principles, the right to bear arms, and the like. but just as those who would disdain and oppress a person for the colour of their skin need to be called out on it as woefully morally WRONG, so need those who would do the same thing to gays and to muslims.

on a more happy note, mangy-cat let me pet him today and purred up a storm. mangy-cat is a boy, as it turns out. and i don't know how long i can withstand taking him in. *wry grin*.
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goes to obama, says the AP.
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what's left after the caterpillars are done eating.

'm exhausted today.


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