May. 2nd, 2008

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plant haul from hazelwood herb farm:

  • angelica angelica archangelica. this gets HUGE, and i'll put it behind the figwort (which is also big, but not quite _as_ big). that's not the best place because there's not enough shade, but who knows, i might yet buy a tree for the front. i just wanted a ginormous plant, and i love its smell.
  • arugula eruca vesicaria sativa.
  • dill, 3 kinds: anethum graveolens bouquet, hercules, and tetra.
  • hummingbird sage salvia guarnatica.
  • lemon thyme thymus citriodorus variegata, since mine died last year.
  • ricola mint mentha x piperita 'swiss'.
  • shiso perilla frutescens. i'm going japanese. :) it's eaten with sashimi, and used in making umeboshi (pickled plum).
  • wasabi wasabia japonica !!!!! did i mention how excited i am about this? they will get their own little spot in the back under the apple tree in some new soil i'll buy, because they like it rich (and the entire backyard (minus my small beds) has no real topsoil), and they like it very shady. that's not the ideal growing condition, for that i'd need a gravel stream, but this is the next best thing. 

it was hard to stop because this early in the year they have lots of stuff i would like to buy, but i promised myself that i'd not buy more than i can plant, and the landlord's missile silo building has destroyed one of my beds already (though any day now i'll shovel that clear again. ghods, i am not looking forward to that what with the soil being clayey and heavy. i'm thinking of getting a truckload of good soil and covering the entire area around the back fence (using the fence itself to grow cucumbers and sweat peas. that's probably gonna remain a dream because it involves a lot of physical labour since that's not accessible other than by wheelbarrow.

what i really, really want is to make a pond in the back yard. *sigh*.
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two for the price of one because i love showing off native plants.

meadow of shooting stars. gazillions!


05-02 yellow point park 3.11 km 1:46 -- the trails i didn't walk yesterday due to some injudicious (ha!) bush whacking. it was raining, not too bad when i set out, but of course it got heavier once i was out there. undeterred, however. everything looks so beautifully saturated in the rain (not as in "wet", you peanuts; the colours!). also, the smell. mmmh. (well, minus the areas with the skunk cabbages.)


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