Oct. 11th, 2007

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doris lessing has won the nobel prize for literature.



this is the first nobel prize winner writing in english whose work i've actually read extensively long before they've won the prize (i had read most of günter grass and heinrich böll in german before they won).

i've loved her writing since i laid my hands on the golden notebook. and i've especially liked her for not pretending that her speculative fiction wasn't SF; unlike some of her literary compatriots who seem to think the genre bestows evil cooties upon one.

if this is the first you hear of her, the times online has a quick intro on her life and writing, and PBS has an extended bibliography with snippets from reviews and interviews.

Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.
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i am probably the last one to have seen this (because i don't much care for those "american idol" type shows), but OMG, i wish i had seen the show in which this aired (britain's got talent, yet another simon cowell show). the video is fun because it starts out with this chubby little telephone salesman with bad teeth in front of the microphone and you can pretty much read the judges' minds from the expressions on their faces. and then:


(via [livejournal.com profile] cedarseed.)
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bergh renémake your own patterns (NF, crafts)
carson tsiacraftivity (NF, crafts)
greenspan alanthe age of turbulence (NF, bio)
hoffman w.a.raised by wolves: matelots (F, gay)
ogasawara ukivirtuoso di amore (manga, BL)
rehfeldt janet & wood mary jane  crocheted socks (NF, crafts)
souryo fuyimi  ES eternal sabbath v3 (manga, seinen)
souryo fuyimi  ES eternal sabbath v4 (manga, seinen)
takumi youmelted love (manga, BL)
taylor kathleenyarns to dye for (NF, crafts)
urushibara yukimushishi v2 (manga, seinen)
yoshinaga fumilovers in the night (manga, BL)
yoshinaga fumidon't say anymore, darling (manga, BL)
yamada yugipicnic (manga, BL)
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why am i posting so much today? no idea.

today is day 8 on metoprolol.
  • i am still inordinately tired, but it seems to be letting up a little.
  • i am sleeping a lot. i guess that comes with being tired. but it could also be that enforcing a schedule really fucks with my ability to sleep well. i am enforcing a schedule because with new medication i first follow the rules as much as possible, before deciding to play with how much i can let things slide. well, i am supposed to take the metoprolol twice a day, 10-12 hours apart, around the same time. this is very hard for me to do, and i doubt i can keep it up, but so far i haven't slipped by more than an hour either way.
  • i still feel a bit more depressed, but it hasn't gotten worse, and this could simply be after-effect of the tachycardia episode. i am keeping a more detailed mood log than before, and i had one day where i was a little in the dumps (complete with thinking it wouldn't be bad at all to die -- but well short of trying to make plans, just in case that were to induce anyone to worry). but the next day was better, and i am generally as ok as i've been for a long time now (that's sort of damning with faint praise, but well, it is what it is).
  • i am still not sleeping in my room. i am rolling my eyes at that a little, but eh, i'll get around to it eventually, why push.
  • gayboy isn't getting to have any much fun, though today i let him out a little, but yeah, not eager to push anything either on that front.
  • side effects: my memory seems unaffected (the paramour's keeps getting worse though :). the pre-nausea and pre-dizziness i had have disappeared. my feet and hands are no colder than they usually are this time a year. so basically, just the fatigue at this point. yay.

the fatigue is a whopper though, i do hope it gets better. i am completely unproductive because i am always tired; i'm sitting behind my computer staring at the screen for i don't know how long sometimes without even actively reading anything (nevermind researching or writing), and time just passes, and look, it's evening already. i am trying to kick-start the engine -- walking just to the mailbox for the last two days, hoping to keep that up again. should order more books to give myself a reason to walk there. :)


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