Sep. 12th, 2007

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my scanner (canon 4200F) turns out not to be mac-compatible. say what? who still writes drivers for scanners that only work on windows? i am used to hardware manufacturers being blind about linux, but about macs? hello?

vuescan to the rescue, i thought, it being lodged in my memory as a "one software handles all" type of product for scanners. it'd be cheaper than buying a new scanner. but no, it can't handle this one either.

i guess i get to buy a new scanner and see whether anyone local wants to take the canon off my hands (it's not a bad scanner, but it likely won't be worth shipping anywhere). maybe the paramour's mom or brother really wants one. and, dear canon? unless you happen to way outdo your competition for this new scanner, i am not buying from you.

i didn't want to spend today researching scanners, that's for sure. i wanted to scan my new doujinshi (just the covers to start) to show them off. straight from comiket via a very nice singaporean who patiently stood in long lines for me! i am so excited; they're made of pure prettiness.
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as i mentioned before, i had a nice soul purchase some doujinshi [1] for me at comiket [2]. this was my first time buying any doujinshi at all, nevermind doing it long-distance through somebody i don't really know, but it all went very well. [ profile] deverilin picked good stuff for me (i told her what type of thing i wanted and from which mangaka), packed it all up very well, and mailed it off speedily. if i may channel an ebay buyer for a moment: A+++++, will definitely buy from again.

wow, doujinshi are pretty. it's so much nicer to see the art this large, instead of in paperback size. (they're all about 7x10".)

click on images to see large-size versions.
miyamoto kano
song birds (rules DJ)

nekota yonezou
満ちる部屋 # 4 (michiru heya 4)
神様の腕の中 (kamisama no ude no naka DJ)

sakura haiji
それはきいてない (sore wa kiitenai)

naono bohra
恋愛痛 ~悪化~ (renai tsuu ~akka~)

oh yeah, i have a new scanner. :)

[1] doujinshi are amateur manga publications, though the "amateur" does not refer to the quality, only to the fact that they're self-published. the ones i've seen look very professional and polished to me compared to say, zines. some of them contain fan art, some original. the ones i bought are all original.

[2] comiket is the world's largest comics convention, held twice a year in tokyo. 3 days, 35,000 circles (amateur mangaka associations, kinda like APAs), 500,000 visitors. i know i would hate it. :) but it goes to show how absolutely huge manga and anime are in japan. no commercial publishers are allowed to sell at comiket, it's a grassroots, fan-based convention.


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