Mar. 31st, 2007

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i am actually done with the cleaning with an hour to spare (which is pretty amazing for my track record in the last couple years), despite not having slept much.

i owe some of you email and LJ comments, but i will be s.l.o.w for the next week. probably. depends on how my schedule adjusts to have somebody here with a very regular schedule. could be i'll be hopped up on disney chemical renewal in the middle of the night every day, which lends itself to wasting time online.

i remembered that our DVD player can play mp3s so i burned all my jpop to disc and am playing it through the better speaker attached to the tv. BUMP OF CHICKEN! cleaning up goes so much faster with some bouncy music.

it really is spring! it's warm, and green stuff is sprouting all over my garden.

[ETA -- oh, i was so WRONG about that "hour to spare". right after i had written this the paramour asked "so when does the *poing*'s plane get here?" and i said 14:53, and zie said, so what, in 6 minutes? why are you still here? and i go ACK!FUCK!SHIT!DAYLIGHTSAVINGSTIME! -- i had forgotten that my machine had not switched automatically. i just cannot win at the punctuality game lately.]
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these are all the covers of the issues of AQUA in which GnK has been serialized. i've marked the issues with missing chapters. unfortunately i don't have particularly large images for some of them, but they're good enough to discern which covers they are (and that they indeed contain a chapter of GnK). i have the text in japanese, so i can start searching auction sites, and i am gonna post the covers in question in various LJ comms and on aarinfantasy to see whether we might not find somebody who has them and would scan the chapters for us.

cut because nobody but stephanie and i care )
also, whyever is there no tankoubon? heck, there is enough material for a second one. i don't understand. minase is certainly popular enough i thought, which seems to be born out by GnK getting 5 of the 13 covers; that seems like a lot. but there is so much about manga publishing i don't understand.

[ETA: chapter 7 has been found! yay! *kisses the ground [ profile] inga_b walks on*.]


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