Jan. 16th, 2007

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i've decided i should at least maintain some decorum, and not make every post about smexy things, ne?

the paramour is monopolizing drynwyn (our big mac), so i am back on smite (which still needs a real mythological name, but it pleases me to log on to it :). after 3 months solely on a mac, everything feels weird, and the hot keys don't work. i should definitely go back to switching a lot between machines, so this doesn't happen again. or, you know, invest the effort of reprogramming this keyboard, since it actually has extra keys where the mac has them. yeah, that's gonna happen.

it's not quite as freezing cold outside as it has been this last week, consistently in the minus 5-6°C range. we're going without firewood this year -- because i am a useless piece of protoplasm who can't pick up the phone to order some, and because we bought a new heater, one of those orange-glowy, totally silent ones (which undoubtedly has a proper technical name, but all the sex has apparently reduced my vocabulary), and when that's pointed right at us sitting companionably next to each other, it usually feels warm enough. in bed though it's hot water bottle time to counteract the clammy sheets. also, i like roughing it. not that living in a house with an actual working heater pointed at you is really roughing it, mind.

i am babbling.

so, have a little link spam.

especially for the paramour, but i know there are others reading who'll get a chuckle out of this: cup cakes of catan via [livejournal.com profile] snippy.

i plugged this back when they started the initiative, but it's grown a lot since, and more people must hear about this because it is awesome: MIT's open courseware. it's one of my sources for japanese lessons, but there is so much here to learn, and the quality is high.


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