Nov. 30th, 2006

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ah, back from a long power outage, which got me another 5 hours of sleep, so i am mostly on a daytime schedule now from the 100% nighttime one of last week. i was wondering when the snow accumulation would get the power to fail; it always does eventually. we have huge amounts of snow, but fortunately so far, because it got cold right after the first big dump of about a foot, the snow isn't as heavy as it was in the bad year when lots of structures and trees were destroyed.

having stayed up til 9:00 in order to go and provide the cats with sustenance i spent an hour digging the truck out from under its covering. the bad aspect of the freeze was that the first bit of snow was very wet before it kicked in, so there was a layer of ice at the bottom. *ugh*. i let the engine melt the bottom of the pack on the hood for half an hour, and then hacked it into large pieces and slid it off. the windshield was helped by the internal fan. but no help for all the other windows on the cap; *ugh*. sometimes i use hot water, but i actually figured the exercise would be good for me, since i've been hermitting for a week. the landlord's son was grumpily shoveling around their cars -- they always do that, *heh*. me, i cherish our 4x4; it's got no problems getting out of the parking spot, nor with the steepish driveway either.

then i drove down to southgate to buy catfood and manfood. <rant> too many people are idiots. that's a mere 6 km drive and i saw two accidents that had just happened, nevermind the slipping and sliding at the lights. comments i hear about that usually say "well, people are not used to it". indeed, we don't have a lot of snow. but we get one or two snow falls a year, usually accompanied by freezing, and the last 4 years one of the falls has been massive. how can you not learn your lesson after the first one? i doubt these are all people who have immigrated from latitudes that have no snow or ice at all. no, it's that a lot of people are idiots and drive too damn fast in their puny, light speed mobiles. i saw how many passed me, and i was in a 4x4 vehicle going 50 km/hr, able to brake at the lights without sliding. if you were going the speed limit (70-90km/hr) in a regular 2WD vehicle, you were going too fast for the conditions. this is why i don't like to drive in this weather; i don't actually mind the conditions much, i just hate the idiots. </rant>

but none of the idiots got me into an accident, and i got cat food and half-price steak and veggies and garlic and mandarin oranges and some new black cherry/vanilla coke, and it's back to hermitting. snow keeps falling, though much more slowly now, there's just another 3 inches on the car since noon.

(i was gonna point out how this post is 100% BSG-free, but the music foiled that.)


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