Oct. 28th, 2006

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ooooh! flickr has a group pool for six word stories with accompanying pictures.
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wil wheaton reviews the ST:TNG episode where no one has gone before. very funny.

Trekkies who may have begun to dislike Kosinski immediately start a fan club for him when he stops mid-stream to ask "why is this child here?" in reference to Wesley Crusher, who is working on a school project and decked out in a really sweet burnt sienna sweater, straight out of famed Klingon designer K'Talh Ba'akQoth's fall collection.

via diane duane, who co-wrote the original script for that episode, and reminisces about that.
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the minneapolis pioneer press has an article about john m. ford's memorial service that, according to [livejournal.com profile] jenett, captures something of the feel of the service quite well.

pls to ignore the ugly headline.
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rush limbaugh:

you are such a miserable excuse for a human being compared to the man whose disease you saw fit to mock (an actual disease, not a drug habit like yours), the man who has more dignity in his shaking little finger than you have in the entirety of your soul; michael j. fox:

the only reason you yourself are a celebrity is that some americans love watching train wrecks and hanker for the olden days of bloody cock fights. your epitaph might as well be "remember rush -- big lush talked trash." and a little further down the line, nobody will remember you at all.


Oct. 28th, 2006 23:51
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i think "president" bush should use the google not just for sat images of his cleared brush on his ranch, but to search the internets whenever he doesn't understand something, like in the sartre he claims to read. or, say, in the bible.

just turn away from the news, fish. turn away.


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