Oct. 25th, 2006

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i am contemplating buying a washing machine. while in principle neither the paramour nor i mind doing the laundry at the laundromat, in practice we rarely actually feel like going when go we must. sink laundry is therefore not uncommon in this household. and my poor hands are unhappy about it. also, felting is a bitch without a machine.

we don't want to buy a full-sized washer. we don't have the room. i am also thinking of the boat, even though who knows when we'll actually be ready. still. it's always at the back of my mind. so i am contemplating one of three solutions:

i don't know whether one can even get these here. i used to have one many years ago when i was a student (not this exact one, but the same principle). they do an ok job, but in actuality for fewer clothes than advertised; the motors tend to be wimpy. they're messy, too; water can easily slop out the top even with the lid down. definitely not suited for a boat. also, have to wring out clothes by hand. but, small, and lots cheaper than a regular washer. ah yes, further search finds different models on the same principle such as this cylone model over here.

the wonder wash seems like just the thing for the boat. it closes completely. also, it washes under pressure which might actually get the laundry cleaner. maybe. and it works without electricity -- crank power, baby! i'm plenty cranky enough for that. i could do all my felting and possibly dyeing in it. disadvantage: at U$42.95 i can't imagine that we're getting primo quality components. how long will this thing last? also, 4 lb isn't a lot of laundry. but if we have it right here, we could do small loads often. except for blankets and the like, which we'd still have to take to the laundromat. again, hand wringing required. *sigh*.

then we make a big jump off the boat-compatible washers and arrive at compact washing machines such as this haier model. they spin! they're still small enough to fit into our shack (and can be rolled in front of the sink for washing).


anyone have personal experiences with any of these types that they feel like sharing?

(dear LJ -- stop fucking with the posting time, will you?)
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i am seeing people on my flist go YAY for NJ because of the ruling by its supreme court on gay marriage. i don't feel a whole lot like yaying. i was hoping for a lot more, and it even seemed likely that we'd get that.

if i understand the ruling correctly, this is not super great news. bottom line: the NJ supremes have upheld the ruling by a lower court (pdf), against the gay couples bringing the suit. and kicked the whole thing back to the legislature with an admonishment to give equal rights to gays as to heterosexuals (well sorta) -- instead of declaring discrimination in marriage law unconstitutional. the latter is what most gay rights advocates want. the latter is what i want.

i consider that a "maybe" on gay marriage in NJ and really, deep down, a "no" overall. "oh, you gays should have all the same rights, but we're not gonna give them to you because maybe you shouldn't be allowed to call what you do "marriage"; we leave the decision over that to the 'democratic process', kthxbye".

yes, the NJ legislature is now required to either allow same-sex partners to marry same as hets, or to enact separate civil union legislation (gee, i wonder which it'll be, first class or second class). but this will only apply to residents of NJ. if the court had declared the current law unconstitutional, people from anywhere in the US could have come to NJ to marry there, because NJ, unlike massachusetts, does not have any local limitations on marriage licenses. so NJ will probably become another vermont. that's good for people who live there, or are willing to move there, but it becomes meaningless if they ever want to live somewhere else together, because there is no such thing as reciprocality between states (or countries) when it comes to civil union. civil union does therefore not bestow all the same rights as marriage, and it's two-faced of the supremes to pretend it does.

oh, and look at this bit: If the State proceeds with a parallel scheme, it cannot make entry into a same-sex civil union any more difficult than it is for heterosexual couples to enter the state of marriage.28 It may, however, regulate that scheme similarly to marriage and, for instance, restrict civil unions based on age and consanguinity and prohibit polygamous relationships. any bets as to whether this last bit will not happen? uh hn. thought not. us polyamorous folk are the next bugbear now, right next to pedophiles.

on the positive side, gays in NJ will at least get civil unions, which is a bit of a step up from the already existing domestic partnership laws. the court said that denying committed same-sex couples the financial and social benefits and privileges given to their married heterosexual counterparts bears no substantial relationship to a legitimate government purpose.

but this is a blow to gay marriage rights advocates across the US.
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what i want to know is how the hell you think yourself qualified to pontificate on the quality of today's SFF if you say shit like:

I am basically disatisfied with what is produced and so I read very little of it. (the person's currently favoured reading material is bujold's vorkosigan romp).


I've been very, very disappointed in what science-fisction releases have made it to the shelves the last few times I've been in a mainstream store. I think my last actual purchase was a reprinted Heinlien novel.

catch-22, anyone?

oh, and i am gonna take your opinion real seriously if you can't even spell the name of the single famous author whose work you consider worth buying. nevermind that if your taste is stuck on heinlein, and that is what you consider "good SF", we don't even need to bother talking.


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