Jul. 14th, 2006

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interesting discussion over at [livejournal.com profile] matociquala's. check it out. i am just pulling my main comment across.

As a woman in modern society, I have to understand the male perspective if I am going to succeed in navigating society. They, on the other hand, have the luxury of making a parlor game of wondering "what women want," and so forth--because they are not forced to understand the dominant (and external) paradigm.

hm. ya know, i buy this for ethnic, religious, sexual/gender minorities, but not entirely for the big gender divide. here's why: caucasians in the US don't have to care and know what people of colour want and go through. they can live their entire lives without giving a second thought to the experience of non-whites, and without actually interacting on a meaningful level with anyone who's of a clearly different skin colour.

on the other hand, what women want is still quite important to most men, and much more than a parlor game. they grow up having a mother, having sisters. if they're heterosexual, they have to interact with women not only for sex, but also to be married to, and start a family with. men cannot go through life completely oblivious to women's experiences.

women are not actually a minority, they're all around men. and that changes the dynamic you're describing.

they really don't understand that what a single black mother of three with no high school education wants is to go to bed at night not worrying that her kids are hungry or coming down with something

this is also about class in addition to sex and ethnicity, isn't it? and possibly more about class than about the other groupings. the guys and gals who run the country have no more of a clue what it's like for a young black man in harlem who's trying to provide for his family either. in fact i am surprised you left class out of your list.
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bigelow orbital module genesis 1 launched.

leonard david's blog is following genesis 1's progress.

real time satellite tracking.

extremely cool site if you want to know what satellites (and other astronomical features) are visible from your location: heavens above.
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i don't know that i've ever said that about a lawsuit before. [wapo article, might require registration.]

also, the joseph and valerie wilson legal support trust should you feel moved to donate to this cause.

i should probably stay away from the news (especially since i can feel my gorge rising already), but this was too sweet to not pass on.

not so sick anymore! no headache! no fever! only half a stuffed nose!
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fascinating, thoughtprovoking article by howard rheingold in wired (from 1999, but i didn't see it before) about the amish and their selective use of technology -- "does it bring us together, or draw us apart".

via [livejournal.com profile] wordweaverlynn.


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