Sep. 4th, 2005

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pierpoint morgan library collection of medieval and renaissance manuscripts.

Thousands of digital images from the Pierpoint Morgan Library’s renowned collection of medieval and renaissance manuscripts are now available in CORSAIR. Spanning some ten centuries of Western illumination, the collection contains manuscripts from all the major schools, including some of the great masterpieces of medieval manuscript art. The images and accompanying descriptions are the product of an extraordinary collaboration between the Morgan and the Index of Christian Art to photograph, digitize, and describe all significant illustrations within the Morgan’s medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. CORSAIR currently includes more than five thousand medieval images, and the number is constantly growing.

so beautiful.

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why do fundamentalists feel threatened by liberal family values? unitarian universalist doug muder talks about the reasons, and why we shouldn't just dismiss them. extremely interesting, containing ideas i've not previously come across.

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keeping track of the fuck-ups and lies is depressing, so i think i'll start posting some good news as i come across them (while digging for information on fuck-ups and lies).

here's some mighty fine news:

the breach in the 17th street canal levee is essentially closed.

yay for the US corps of engineers!

also, yay for the times-picayune. i've become so impressed with those guys over the past week; i only wish my city had a paper anywhere near as excellent. i'm considering subscribing to support their efforts, even though it seems a bit silly to subscribe to a new orleans paper.
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the paramour left for los angeles today to do 2 months of on-site contract work for a large motion picture studio. zie's arrived safely, no problems with immigration. and i would have found out about that 3 hours ago IF SOMEBODY HADN'T UNPLUGGED THE PHONE when cleaning zir desk!

now i can go to bed. :)


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