on 2006-08-22 18:04 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] xiphias.livejournal.com

on 2006-08-22 18:09 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] porcinea.livejournal.com
Thanks for *that* nightmare! EeeeEEEEEEEE!!!!!

on 2006-08-22 19:08 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] janetmk.livejournal.com
Yikes! I was once chased and stung a dozen or so times by a horde of yellow jackets. I was walking in a city park, picking up trash, and touched a plastic bag that must have been on top of their underground nest.

Yellow jackets (at least the ones around here) are ferocious beasties. 100,000 in a supernest? I'd leave the county.

on 2006-08-22 21:23 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] surelars.livejournal.com
Hey! So it was you who nicked that painting, huh?


on 2006-08-22 21:26 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] geekchick.livejournal.com
I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything. ;)

on 2006-08-22 19:08 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] djm4.livejournal.com
...or that the queens have developed some way to cooperate.

I, for one, welcome our new wasp overlords.

on 2006-08-22 21:19 (UTC)
ext_481: origami crane (Default)
Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
*heh*. just what i was thinking.

on 2006-08-22 19:09 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] kmd.livejournal.com
Am I the only one thinking of the Buggers and Ender?

on 2006-08-22 20:17 (UTC)
firecat: red panda looking happy (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] firecat
I was thinking of Greg Bear's Blood Music.

on 2006-08-22 20:45 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] surelars.livejournal.com
Oh, goody. Something to think about next time I open the garage door.

on 2006-08-22 21:18 (UTC)
ext_481: origami crane (Default)
Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
you have actual winters with frost. no need to worry, for now. :)

on 2006-08-22 21:22 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] surelars.livejournal.com
Yeah. Once in a while I'm actually thankful that we have these damn cold winters.


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