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you said before:
I believe there is going to be a great uprising in Connecticut today. There is going to be a big turnout in my opinion, and when it is all over I am going to be honored to be the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in this election.

If the people of CT are good enough to send me back to Washington as an independent democrat, I will continue to fight for our national security...I never hesitate to work with members of the other party.

indeed.  there was a great uprising in connecticut.  there was a big turnout of more than 40%, a record turnout for a primary, 15% higher than the last highly contested democratic primary in CT.  and when it was over, people voted your ass out, voted for a virtual unknown over you, not by a landslide, but by majority.  even the people in your home town voted for him over you.  the classy thing would be to congratulate your opponent and throw your support behind him -- that's what you would expect from him if the tables were turned.  the non-classy, assholish thing to do is to fuck the democratic party over some more by running as an independent.  but who cares what the people want, right?

the lie about the lamont campaign hacking your website was pretty much the last straw anyway.  oh, and people who can't hire competent folks for their website security should maybe not lead the nation regarding its security.  kthxbye, loserman.
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