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state board votes 6:4 in favour of "casting doubt on the theory of evolution".

the 6 votes for? all republicans. the 4 votes against, 2 republicans, 2 democrats.

if i lived in kansas and had children, i'd move (if i hadn't already moved 6 years ago when they last pulled this sort of bone-deep stupidity).

But the board's vote is likely to heap fresh national criticism on Kansas and cause many scientists to see the state as backward

you bet. finally there is hope for flat-earthers and astrologers! in kansas, they might be able to get their "theory" into science classrooms. after all, we don't want children to be indoctrinated; they should be taught every harebrained "theory" in science class, so they can make up their own minds.

on 2005-11-09 07:59 (UTC)
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It occurred to me today that I should put a darwin fish on my car again; it used to be a little joke, but now it seems like an important stand to take.

on 2005-11-09 13:43 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] pperiwinkle.livejournal.com
I came out of work one afternoon to find my Darwin fish on the ground by driver's side door, bent and mangled. In a university parking lot.

So, now I have a Darwin fish *and* an Evolve fish on my car, and a pin on my lab coat.

on 2005-11-09 19:11 (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] firecat
vandalism: sheesh

on 2005-11-09 20:32 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
sheesh. i guess some people can't extrapolate from "thou shalt not steal". do those people ever stop and wonder "what would jesus do?"

good for you coming right back at them.

on 2005-11-09 11:52 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] supergee.livejournal.com
If you want to insult a monkey, accuse him of being descended from the Kansas Board of Ed.

on 2005-11-09 14:50 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] wcg.livejournal.com
In more encouraging news, eight of the nine members of the Delaware County (Pennsylvania) Board of Education got voted out of office yesterday. They are the ones who put in ID in the county schoolbooks there, and have subsequently been sued.

on 2005-11-11 05:40 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] eub.livejournal.com
This, of course, gets Pat Robertson going (http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/1110AP_Robertson_Evolution.html): "I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God. You just rejected him from your city."

on 2005-11-09 16:35 (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] ckd
"We are being very brave. We are brave enough to have all areas discussed," said board member Kathy Martin, a Clay Center Republican who supported the new standards. "Students will be informed and not indoctrinated."
Now, imagine her saying the same thing about sex education vs. "abstinence only".

on 2005-11-09 20:33 (UTC)
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Posted by [identity profile] pir-anha.livejournal.com
this whole idea that they are being "brave" is just more evidence of the evangelicals feeling like they're the ones who're persecuted. i have no idea how to counter that.

on 2005-11-09 18:44 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] mayaknife.livejournal.com
Unfortunately, those at the bottom of the social ladder, who are most likely to be affected by this ruling, are also the ones least likely to be able to afford to move to another state.


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