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mostly made a decision as to how i want to do it.

i split the storage section up into its 6 component parts, and i'll either cram the 6th next to the other 5 if that works with the books in the other set of shelves, or move it next to the pantry. i'll also buy either 1 or 2 more to get more storage for yarn and fabrics.

the bed will be a bit more of a pain to create in that place because of the previously mentioned add-to-mattress shenanigans, and it won't be quite as wide as a full-size (but wider than a twin), but i think that's ok. i might also not make it this long; i think i will build a mockup before deciding for sure -- this version measures 96" and that's rather more extra space for books and stuff at the head than i really need.

this arrangement gives me:

- bed right by the window, which i like for the fresh air.
- view from bed out the window at the most interesting angle (most of it is hedge, but at this angle i can see the roof of the neighbour's barn and a bit more sky).
- a little cave for sitting at the desk and doing computer work (mmmh, cave)
- a nice corner for my reading and knitting papasan chair which is now shunted off to the shed, poor thing.
- lots of clear floorspace for that dance mat setup i am thinking of building.
- a lot of contiguous desk space at which i can work sitting or standing (the trestles are adjustable), which is great for various crafting activities.

the large question mark will be decided later. i'll probably put in shelves, and the TV cart can roll right into that space for video gaming with the dance mat, or for watching movies from the papasan chair.
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