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for a while i've been sleeping in the living room on the futon couch, but the warmer it gets, the less i like that. i also no longer want to sleep on a thermarest on the floor in my room; i'd like a more comfortable bed. so. i am going to build a loft bed. i've mostly designed the bed itself, but i am not entirely sure where to put it, and that will affect its size.

this is what the room looks like now. all the dark, labelled items are furniture that will stay in the room, but some of which might get completely moved around. the desk consists of two separate hollow-core doors on trestles; easy enough to take apart and even re-cut to fit elsewhere. the wardrobe is fixed; it's sort of built-in; i am not taking it down. the pantry is a set of shelves which will stay right there since it is next to the door to the kitchen (which is bereft of sufficient storage space). what's labelled "storage" consists of 6 drawer units, stacked 2 high -- my yarn stash is in there. there is also movable storage in the form of file boxes that are crammed in every bit of free space under shelves, desks, and next to the pantry.

i have too much stuff. :)

the magenta thingie on the left is the door with its swing radius (it actually is a make-shift dutch door, can swing all the way around to the wall). the magenta strip on the right is the window which i do not wish to block (it opens to the outside, which is convenient).

the transparent greenish rectangles are the possible loft bed locations.

*ponder*. it'd be really nice to get a decent centre area free. i have a papasan chair that's now out in the shed because we have no room for it; it could be nice to have it there to plop down in occasionally.

putting my computer desk under the bed if it's in location 1 would suck, since then i have the glare of the window on the screens. 2 or 3 would work fine. location 3 is not wide enough to put a full-size bed there; i'd have to add some foam on one side. that's not necessarily a problem, since i have a spare full-size futon cover into which i could squish a twin-size mattress and a strip of foam.

if i separate the desks, i can have computer stuff on one, and crafts-related stuff on the narrower one. i could put the scanner on a pull-out shelf, maybe.

must move around rectangles in photoshop some more. i love layers. :)
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